Exasperation, stress, and sighs
taint my abilities and drive
they are just reasons,  inner lies
that seem to fester to survive

It takes a thought so bare and small
to put things off to future days
the list grows larger, wide and tall
and morphs itself into my ways





Slowly it slithers its way down my skin
Leaving a shimmering trace
Cupping each curve with unknown discipline
Creeping its way down my face

The depth of my breath makes it quicken its stride
My body feels its descent
My neck and my breast seem to beckon and guide
Each drop to its ultimate end
(picture taken from givenness.com)


My Cat

It’s quite amazing how this creature can make two opposites connect
Each movement seems so common-place while thoroughly direct

Combining words like “fly” and “grace” is typically rare
yet with a graceful lazy swipe her paw stops flies mid-air

She can attack your hand with claws while purring in her mind
and stare you down with serious eyes,  while licking her behind

A warm and fuzzy ball of fur that proudly makes her mark
asleep by day, awake by night exploring in the dark


Happy Anniversary

No music, words, or crafted paintings,  can replicate my love for you
as soon as color touches canvas it isn’t right, it isn’t true
My life was beautiful before you, but with you beauty was defined
As if my being became whole, when our journeys intertwined

I’m glad that we could choose each other, among the millions in a crowd
that we could build a life and family, a story to ourselves renowned
I love you deeply with a depth that has no boundaries, ever-wide
Im grateful for the memories made and our future side-by-side


painted by Spitenmalice.deviantart.com

(Its our 9 year Anniversary today! Time flies quickly!)


Snapping Turtle

She watches me in frozen judgement
a deep and prehistoric glare
her wrinkled skin like ancient parchment
breathes in the hot and humid air

I know if I approach with haste
her silent pose shifts to attack
so I walk slowly, poker-faced
and run my fingers down her back

Her dragon tail drags behind her
her steps are heavy, steady, slow
her claws dig deeply like a grinder
as she sinks into swamps below


(As an aside, this weekend a snapping turtle decided to visit our yard and lay eggs. I have never seen such a massive and ancient creature like her so close before.)

The moon ate the dark challenge: Observation of Being

We walked along the wooded trail, within the depth of night
Her little fingers held my hand, hers shivering in fright
My daughter in the day is brave but nighttime causes doubt
imagination comes to play when darkness is about

I tried to tell her it’s alright just listen to the sound
of crickets chirping happily, our footsteps on the ground
Yet in her mind the crickets, were eerie squeaking doors
the rustling of trees sounded like evil roars

I said don’t worry sweetheart, and stroked her pretty hair
as she jumped from the shadow resembling a bear
in honesty i’m glad the shadows hid my face
as her thoughts jumped into my own and we both upped our pace

I rumbled though my backpack to find a match or two
to give us some relief and paint the colors true
I fumbled in the blackness to get a hopeful spark
she tugged my shirt and pointed, the moon just ate the dark

(I saw this challenge in the braveandrecklessblog.com/ to write about a prompt “the moon ate the dark” so I wanted to give it a try) 

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